How To Make A Good AMV

  1. An Anime music video (AMV) typically is a fan-made music video consisting of clips from one or more animation shows or movies set to an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer audio._Wikipedia.


If you liked watch anime and want to make some good AMV, i think you should try it by practicing like i do.

The Steps

1. Concept is the most important part of your project, imagine something that can be good for joining anime and music into a clip. You can watch another AMV for refference. you can search it on youtube

2. Before that, make sure you have video editor like Sony Movie Studio Platinum on your computer. its not free, but if you want to use free video editor, you can use Windows Movie Maker, you can download one for free at I use Movie studio platinum for making AMV. You can use another video Editor. The Basic is same.

3. Look for the song that will be suited for your Animation Music Video.

4. If you are ready, now start making it. make sure you have a concept in your mind for creating a AMV. at least, you know about the story.

for video, i suggest you to convert first to AVI

AdeHaze - Converting Video
Converting Video

You can use free converter from the Free Studio. check my Navigation bar if you want to download it.

This tutorial i’ll use my AMV – Listen to me.. for study purpose

The Materials = Video, Music, And Your Imagination.

The Video That I Use

For this time, i use Mocca – Listen To Me.

The Creation Steps

Lets start put all of your imagination from a lot of video into one Animation Music Video

Don’t worry about your intro, you can make it after you have finished the AMV.

Import the video that you want to use. Choose a good and suitable scene for the song.

AdeHaze - Cutting Scene By Using Split Tool
Cutting Scene By Using Split Tool

Use Tool Split to cut of the scene you want to use. you can add effect or style to the transitions and the Visual Effects tab to give cool effects to the video clips, such as  filters, fade-out-to-black, etc

from the picture, i put some element flash transitions every move to another part of the scene

AdeHaze - Adding Effect Transitions
Adding Effect Transitions

Keep editing until you reach the chorus of your respective song. from the picture below, i use 12 Video and cut them into a small scene.

AdeHaze - Sync your song
Sync your song

For the last, if you have completed your video, i think put some simple intro is good.
I only use photoshop and transitions to make an intro


Finnaly, its time to render your video. choose 720 if you want HD video for your AMV

AdeHaze - Render

And this is the end from the short tutorial how to make a good AMV.

i have improved my imagination for making the second AMV. you can see the great difference from my first AMV and my second amv..My second AMV. Listen To me.


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