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Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker.

Why buy premium software just for editing video or make an AMV?

I think we could do it by free software from Windows, its a simple software but powerfull for making a simple and nice video.
We can do many thing like make a slide show, Trimming and splitting your video and editing your video. Movie maker just need your creativity and your imagination to make a wonderfull video.
it has many features for adding effect and transitions. You can directly upload your video to social media like Facebook and Youtube. This software can sync to your live account. Same as Microsoft Office 2013.
Many video from Movie Maker in Youtube. They express their feelling, appreciation and imagination for making such a wonderfull video.
Everyone can use windows movie maker, its easy and for all age and for all who want to make a video. because the interface is simple, so anyone with no background IT can directly use it.
I know Movie Maker’s features not match with Sony Vegas And Preimere. But wait, you can start making money from the free software. and when you earn money, you can safe it for buy premium software later. Just patience and start hard working.

Something big is start from the small thing by greatest Ideas, imagination, and hard work.

You can download for free Windows Movie Maker from the Microsoft site

Are you ready to challenge the world?
You can be part of the artist in Youtube by spreading your imagination through the world.

From the small step by making your first video and monetizing it in youtube, puts ads and earn your hardwork. it is possible? Of course its possible if you think it possible, nothing impossible, the reason you fail is because you dont want to get up after falling many times.

Ok.. later i’ll post tutorial for making a good video by a free best software for editing Video From Microsoft, Windows Movie Maker.

From the previous post, i have some tutorial for making a AMV. The basic is same, you can start new project by any video editor.

If you want see my videos in youtube click this link, You can comment and give me a suggestion.
However, not all of them i make from Windows Movie Maker, but i’ll post tutorial for making a Great video by Windows Movie Maker.

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Windows Movie Maker
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